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    Padash Sarmayeh Co
    Management and fund investment
    Founding of investment funds
    Check stock market and identifying investment opportunities
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    The optimum combination of investment portfolios according to risk and return
    Benefit from expert analysis team
    Efficient management of the portfolio
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    Asset Management
    Handling securities portfolio
    Training related to capital markets

Investment InIran

  • 78m population, median age 27, 30% below 19, 60% below 30
  • Hugely Strategic transit route – economics of the silk road still stand 2,000 years later
  • Market Cap/PPP GDP at 8% (US 124%, UK 169%, Australia 129%, India 42%, South Africa 151%, Brazil 34%, KSA 61%, Qatar 92%, UAE 63%)
  • Expected population in 15 years time of 100m
$35 tn value of proven oil and gas reserves
skilled and competitive labour $500/ month
$1.2trn GDP (PPP)
worth of non-oil exports and growing $50 bn

Easing of restrictions

  • If the easing of restrictions happens the benefits will include:
  • Currency stabilization or even appreciation.
  • Lower inflationary pressures will induce interest rates lower.
  • FDI multiplies, capacity & productivity will compound.
  • Earnings power will re-rate proportional to intrinsic value and valuation multiples will expand.

Margin of safety

  • Misunderstood + severely under researched=valuation anomalies.
  • Inefficient market= growth opportunities sold at deep value discounts.
  • Secular domestic driven growth trends.
  • Asymmetric Risk Reward profile.

The Environment

Encouragement of FDI

Government understands the need for foreign capital. The need for investments, technology, management training and employment. Free trade zones & special economic zones (FEZ & SEZ)

Privatization Drive

Government to reduce State’s role in the economy from 75% to 25%, across most sectors and industries. Expect $100bn of primary and secondary offerings over the next 5 to 10 years

TAX free

No Dividend Tax or Capital Gains Tax in Capital Markets participation

Challenges to foreign investors

  • Awareness and knowledge of sanctions & prohibited terrain
  • US Treasury & discretionary, European, UN sanctions
  • Limited access to reliable data & analysis
  • Low understanding of regulatory environment and policy ambiguity
  • Limited access to political and industry network

Higher barriers to entry create the opportunity.

As with any emerging and large economy, Iran has many idiosyncrasies that need to be understood and negotiated by potential investors.
Sentiment and understanding is poor, the first (contrarian) movers will have prospect of significant upside with margin of safety of limited downside.

About UsPadash Sarmayeh Asset Management Co

Padash Sarmayeh works in Iran as an Asset Management firm (private joint stock) with 461798 registration number under the order of company registration general office and 11296 registration number from securities and stock organization constructed and started to operate with the purpose of capital absorption and managing the legal and natural persons' assets in order to invest in Iran securities and stock market in order to increase the investors assets value and wealth.

Padash Sarmayeh
Asset Management

Investment In Iran !

Board Member

Jabbar Kimia Ghalam
Jabbar Kimia Ghalam
President of management board
Kourosh Shams
Kourosh Shams
President and board member
 Mohammad Ali Parvaneh
Mohammad Ali Parvaneh
Investment Manager and Directors board member
Seyyed Kazem Chavoshi
Seyyed Kazem Chavoshi
Directors board member

Financial ServicesPadash Sarmayeh Asset Management Co

Here is a brief list of various financial services provided by Padash Sarmayeh Co:


Mutual funds creation and administration.
Mutual funds management services.Providing necessary educations, advising and consulting clients about the capital market.


Carrying out the capital asset management of the institution and individual persons in Iran stock market.


Monitoring the stock market and identifying investing opportunities in order to carry out the composition and management of exclusively customized portfolios.


Performing the investment process in Iran stock exchange and creating the proper portfolio as the client representative.